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Imagine an experience on an SAP project where your partner delivers a solution that actually removes roadblocks to your supply chain instead of adding them.

“It can’t be this hard!”


If that thought has entered your head late at night, you’re not alone; we’re here to help. Your friends at SCM Connections have been doing this a long time. We have the experience to match our passion for supply chain solutions.


Yes, we’re (huge) nerds, but that’s ok. Whether you think we’re supply chain nerds who know IT, or IT nerds who are really good at supply chains, you’re right! This perfect mix allows us to find innovative solutions to your most complicated supply chain problems, within the SAP landscape.

What We Do


Finally a Good Use for The Internet

Putting it all Together

A Fully. Integrated. Business. Plan. This is the stuff of legends. When finance, marketing, sales, demand and supply all use a single harmonized data set. Reports are updated in real time. With dollars and units. Aggregate and disaggregate to your heart's content. Reporting in control of actual users, dashboards developed on the fly. A single solitary database to pull it all together. This is the way businesses are meant to be run. What happens when technology actually enables your business process rather than limit what you are able to see? You're about to find out.

Inventory Optimization

Putting the ``Safe`` in Safety Stock

Take Your Money Off Your Shelves

When we walk into a warehouse, we don’t see pallets of product, we see stacks of money sitting on a shelf. That’s your capital sitting there waiting for you and SCM Connections can give it back to you. An effective, efficient inventory minimizes the amount of capital you have tied up in inventory and allows you to use it to get better and faster, while maintaining the same high level of service. Yay.

Sales & Operations Planning

The Art of Herding Cats

Bringing Your Two Sides Together

Whoa? Sales AND Operations? That meeting is not going to go well. Wait, AND they’re all supposed to agree on a common plan? Have you ever seen what those meetings are like? SCM Connections has, and we know what it takes to make them successful. We know that it’s not just a meeting, it’s a never-ending process, and we mean that in a good way. To really get S&OP planning right it needs to be a constant, focused effort that becomes a part of how your team does business. And SCM Connections has the deep supply chain and technology expertise that can get you there.

Supply Planning

Finding the Time

The Model For Your Supply Plan

It's easy to place your best product on your fastest line, but what do you do with that item every plant hesitates to make? That's where the best supply planners show their creativity and SCM Connections can be your muse. Using optimization, scheduling algorithms and capacity planning you can use the power of IBP scenarios to compare and contrast different solutions. Financial integration and a single data model let you share those scenarios with customer and business impacts. Dashboards allow you to show those differences simply and effectively. IBP makes you (seem) smarter.

Response Planning

When Planning Becomes Reacting

Response Planning

Sure, everyone loves a good fire drill now and then. Well even a fire drill has a plan, and response planning is your plan. Set predetermined priorities by demand type, customer, dates, whatever you want. Then let IBP be the bad guy and see where the gaps exist. Response allows you to triage the fallout, manage customer expectations and spend your time communicating, not calculating.

Demand Planning

Be Less Wrong

The Foundation for Your Supply Chain

What other job can you get away with being wrong all the time? Demand planning is the art of chasing the exponential curve. IBP demand implemented by SCM Connections will give you the tools to dig deeper into your supply chain and find those extra few percent, to dive into aggregates and find that troublesome customer or lazy sales rep. Algorithms to automatically select best fit models takes the guess work out of your hands. And the analytics and graphical support to see and share data at any level takes that information to the masses. Yeah you'll still be wrong, but nobody will mind.