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3 Keys to Maximizing the ROI on Your APO Project

(By Mike Raftery) When you look at an implementation project plan for a large scale IT project like APO, the end date is not really an end date. Really, it’s more of a transition point. The transition from spending to realizing return on your investment starts...

3 Things Your APO Project Says About Your Organization

(By Mike Raftery) Planning a supply chain is a tough job; it’s where the rubber meets the road and the best laid plans go horribly awry. If you listen closely enough to the complaints and criticisms about an APO implementation, you can actually learn a lot...

Differentiating the Differences in APO requirements

(By Mike Raftery) I hear this a lot on IT projects, “Oh that’s not for us; we’re different.” And I always end up wondering, compared to who? And that’s the key: there is no “same.” We’re all different. But where do these differences come from and...

Key To a Successful APO Implementation? A Reality Check.

(By Mike Raftery) Why is this so hard? Why does it feel like I’m the first one to implement? Every APO project has a moment, or two, (or three?) where you ask yourself these type of questions, ‘What are we doing wrong?’ Commonly when these issues...

SNP and PP/DS Planning Horizons

(By Mike Raftery) When using both SNP and PPDS to plan the same production lines in an APO environment, one of the most critical design decisions you can make is how the SNP and PPDS horizons interact with each other. Like many settings in APO, there is...