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How The Pursuit of Dollars Can Sometimes Make No Cents

The Problem In the world of Sales and Operations Planning (or S&OP), I have seen a disturbing trend over the years among those that control the “purse strings” of these corporations…those formidable folks who generate, control, and police that which is supposed to keep us on...

Power of Community, or Love Thy Neighbor

(By Mike Raftery) I’m an introvert. Going out of my way to introduce myself cold at a party or a meeting is pretty much torture to me. Recently I’ve learned to actually enjoy these events, and even to look forward to them. Why the change? Well...

3 Reasons You Should (Or Shouldn’t) Become a Consultant

(By Mike Raftery) So we’re taking a bit of a different tone with the blog this week. Instead of technical advice or shared best practices, I wanted to shed a bit of light on why I’m here in the first place. Consultants have a bad rap,...

5 Keys to a Successful S&OP Planning Run in APO

(By Mike Raftery) Every company has a different definition of what an S&OP plan looks like. Sometimes that means the next 5 quarters, other times it means 5 years. Even as the goals can even be completely different as some companies focus on raw material requirements,...