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Forecast Consumption Case Study, Part II: A Comedy of Errors

In my last blog, (click to read part 1 of this 2 part series), I outlined a few real life errors of a previous client to demonstrate how multiple, seemingly logical singular decisions in the forecast consumption arena could compound on one another to achieve...

Vacation Season is Here, and That’s a Good Thing

(By Mike Raftery)‘Tis the season of the family road trip. The theme parks, beaches and cruise ships fill up with families on that week long tradition of the family vacation. Sure, it’s a lot more stress now that you’re an adult. There’s packing, airports, traffic,...

The Future of the Last Mile of Your Supply Chain: Your Consumer

(By Mike Raftery)When supply chain professionals think of the links in their supply chain, they generally stop at the last stop for their product that’s within their control. But the game is changing; tomorrow’s (and today’s) supply chain extends well beyond the realm of your...