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3 Reasons Why APO is Outdated and 1 Why it is Not

(By Mike Raftery)As APO enters the twilight of its product lifecycle, its age is definitely showing. The latest generation of planning applications can use buzzwords like cloud, big data and mobile while APO (SCM?) is chugging along with a 15 year old design, practically ancient...

The Evolution of Corporate IT Part 3: Rent or Buy your Talent?

(By Mike Raftery)What does a modern corporate IT organization look like? In the past, it was common for armies of consultants with a range of skill sets and experiences to show up and implement a project by brute force. But in today’s leaner, more agile...

Adapt or Die: The Necessary Evolution of Corporate IT

(By Mike Raftery)Like most Armies, the majority of IT organizations are set up to fight the last war. The last battlefield was large scale IT organizational sea change. Project acronyms like Y2K, ECC, and APO all come to mind as the project of the day....