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February 2015

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The 10 Things Great Consultants Do

(By Megan Brimmer and Mike Raftery) During a brief foray into the world of IT consulting last fall, I got to watch a really great consultant in action.  Sure, he’s a Solutions Architect and Partner at SCM Connections with 20 something projects under his belt and...

6 Tips to Landing Your Next Project

(By Megan Brimmer, Director of Resources) You’ve been there before.  In fact, if you’ve been an independent consultant for a while, you’ve probably been there many times.  You’re about to roll off a project and the next project has yet to appear.  Should you take some...

Reach Out and Touch Someone…

(By Mike Raftery) Most of the time, while shouting out from the soapbox of the internet, it seems like you’re shouting out into the black abyss of the interweb.  Well, let’s start a conversation.  With so many ways to connect, SCM Connections wants to reach out...

The Beginners Guide to Implementing S&OP on IBP

(By Mike Raftery) By now you know it’s coming.  IBP, the Integrated Business Planning platform offered by SAP.  Prior to its arrival, you’ll see plenty of PowerPoints, diagrams and acronyms.  Terms like HANA and cloud will appear so often they will lose all meaning.  But beyond...