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IBP, A Year Later and a Look Forward

(By Mike Raftery)It was one year ago at SCM Insider that SAP really dropped the bomb on the APO community when they set the expiration date on the APO solution and pointed everyone to Integrated Business Planning (IBP) as the future.  That set off a...

Blurred Lines:  Keeping the Balance in the 24 Hour Workday

(By Mike Raftery)“Friends, family, religion.  These are the three demons you must slay if you want to be successful in business.” – C. Montgomery BurnsSomewhere along the way, the workday extended to 24 hours a day.  I’m not exactly sure when, but it was sometime...

The Insider’s Guide to the SAP Insider

(By Claudio Gonzalez)It’s that time of the year again: the 2015 SCM Insider is right around the corner! We are going to use today’s blog to give you some pointers on how to maximize your time at this event.Even though the conference starts officially on...

10 Tips to Working With IT Nerds

(By Megan Brimmer)I’ve encountered a lot of different people during my time in the working world. From the spunky VP of Marketing, to the by-the-book operations manager to the eccentric economic think tank president who starts his mornings off by reading 5 different newspapers, each...

5 Things You Might Not Know About IBP on SAP HANA

(By Mike Raftery)This entry started out as a shameless plug for the SCM Connections webcast series covering all aspects of implementing S&OP on SAP’s Integrated Business Planning (IBP) application.  It evolved into a bit of a retrospective on my experiences putting those webcasts together with...