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Charting a New Course Day 001 – Welcome Aboard!

(By Mike Raftery & Megan Brimmer)Let’s face it: regardless of the industry you’re in, no one wants to be the last buggy whip manufacturer staring at a town full of Model T’s, least of all a technology consulting firm.  That’s why we’ve devoted the last...

The IT Consultant’s Guide to LinkedIn

(By Megan Brimmer)Whether you’re using it to land your next project, stay connected with old colleagues, or just to keep on top of the industry, LinkedIn is a great tool for any IT consultant’s arsenal.  Here are 10 tips to getting the most out of...

How I Found the 25th Hour of the Day

(By Megan Brimmer)When I was promoted a few months ago at SCM Connections, I was pretty excited.  I love our sales and marketing teams and we have some game changing projects and service offerings in development that I’m excited to be a part of.  I...

SAPInsider, Prague: Conference in Review

(By Claudio Gonzalez)We are happy to announce that we have just completed our 8th annual SCM Insider Europe. This year, the conference brought us to the beautiful location of Prague. This is the third time that the event is held on this Bohemian city. Here...

IBP Crash Course Series: HCI (In 20 minutes)

(By Wade Smith)So do you ever have those moments when you want to do something in SAP that sounds pretty straightforward to do, but the consultant sitting across the table from you is making it the most complicated (and expensive) change control since Y2K ?...