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How to Become a Macro Whisperer

By Claudio Gonzalez Within the realms of SAP, there isn’t a functionality, in my mind, that comes closer to a love/hate relationship. Of course, I am talking about Macros: the one area in SAP that can make a planner’s life easier and make the creator of...

Heuristic and Priority Based Capacity Leveling with SNP

(By Sanjay Jelaji) I came across this business requirement to level production capacity simultaneously at multiple BOM levels, using the standard SAP SNP Capacity Leveling process. The standard process levels only one resource at a time without considering other dependent resources or products. There were circumstantial...

Why The Real S&OP Business Case Has Nothing To Do With S&OP

(By Mike Raftery) It seems lately that the collective supply chain world is all at once evaluating their business cases for the S&OP module of the Integrated Business Planning suite from SAP.  When I have seen these evaluations occur, they usually occur in relation to other...