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How to Become a Macro Whisperer

By Claudio GonzalezWithin the realms of SAP, there isn’t a functionality, in my mind, that comes closer to a love/hate relationship. Of course, I am talking about Macros: the one area in SAP that can make a planner’s life easier and make the creator of...

Heuristic and Priority Based Capacity Leveling with SNP

(By Sanjay Jelaji)I came across this business requirement to level production capacity simultaneously at multiple BOM levels, using the standard SAP SNP Capacity Leveling process. The standard process levels only one resource at a time without considering other dependent resources or products. There were circumstantial...

Why The Real S&OP Business Case Has Nothing To Do With S&OP

(By Mike Raftery)It seems lately that the collective supply chain world is all at once evaluating their business cases for the S&OP module of the Integrated Business Planning suite from SAP.  When I have seen these evaluations occur, they usually occur in relation to other...