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SAP insider 2016 – What a Difference a Year Makes

(By Wade Smith)So after several live demos of IBP this week, I'm finding that the questions are totally different from this time last year.  Whereas questions in 2015 tended to concern whether or not this tool is really ready for prime time, this year seems to be...

SAP insider 2016 – Part 2

(by Mike Raftery)This year we can sense a change in the IBP landscape.  Here at SCM Insider 2016 (from beautiful, classy Las Vegas) the tone is markedly different on the show floor, and it’s exciting.When IBP was released the initial reaction was fear and rejection. ...

SAP insider 2016 – Part 1

(By Claudio Gonzalez)Greetings from the SCM Insider at the Mandalay Bay! The conference is in full steam, it has been a great turn out this year. As is usually the case year to year, we see some familiar faces that attend to stay abreast the...

Ready to Launch 2016: Come Meet Us!

(By Mike Raftery)It’s never predictable how you establish a rhythm, but it is human nature to look for patterns, so I guess it becomes inevitable.  In our little niche of the universe, we put a lot of energy around the few milestones and landmarks that...