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28 Aug SCMC Expands into Latin America

(By Claudio Gonzalez)

Last week, SCM Connections sponsored the SAP Forum in Bariloche, Argentina. This event was a very special one for me as it was held in my home country. Also, it marks our official launch to our Latin American expansion! We had looked at Latin America for possible SCMC opportunities, and this became even more apparent when SAP approached us, asking for a new partner in the region. The first step was to attend the SAP Forum, which brought over 80 decision makers from all over South America, including Argentina, Chile and Peru. Historically, Latin America is usually behind on the adaptation of the latest technology, but this does not seem to be the case when it comes to IBP. We talked to a few companies that have put APO in the back view mirror and are now excited about what IBP has to offer. In fact, over 50% of the forum attendees were there to learn more about IBP and how it could help them in their companies. The combination of customer presentations and SCM Connections’ demos provided potential clients with a good mix of information.

We were also impressed with the effort that SAP Latin America put into the event. First, the location itself was picture perfect! Bariloche is a town in the south of Argentina, where the landscape could match any town in Switzerland, only with a lot more Spanish! The event was held at the famous Llao Llao hotel, where presidents around the world usually stay when making a trip down in the south of Argentina. The hotel itself is surrounded by beautiful mountains and the well-known Nahuel Huapi lake. Let’s just say that going back to the usual conference spots in Orlando and Las Vegas will never feel the same.

We would also like to give SAP Latin America a big thumbs up for connecting the partners to each attendee in the best possible ways. It was clear that SAP values what we bring to the table and they went above and beyond to make sure that connections were made.

We are now really excited about the next steps for our Latin American expansion, not only from doing new implementations in the region but also building a strong Latin American team, which has already started.

SAP is already thinking about the next SAP Forum for 2018.  I will say, it is going to be really hard to top this location, but I am sure whichever the next year location is, it will not disappoint!