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Go West Young Man: SCMC Expands its Horizons

(By Mike Raftery)We’re changing our focus.  After years of primarily focusing on the IT integrator, we’re here to be your complete supply chain partner.It’s a new year and we at SCM Connections are ready for new things.  New can be scary and painful, but with...

5 Tips to Getting the Most out of IBP’s Control Tower

(By Mike Raftery)IBP Control Tower – the reporting arm of SAP’s Integrated Business Planning solution.  It’s not so much a module as it is a concept.  Should you buy it? That’s up to you and your friendly software rep.  Should you embrace it as a...

3 Ways to Release Your Cash with IBP Inventory Optimization

(By Mike Raftery)Stacks and stacks of dollar bills.  Some on pallets, some on fork trucks, some on the road.  That is what you should see when you walk into a warehouse: stacks and stacks of money.  And like a wise man once said, “mo’ money,...

9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Least With IBP Response & Supply

(By Mike Raftery)The beauty of a supply planner’s life is that (s)he is never expected to be 100% right.  Think about it - who else gets paid so much for being wrong?  (Insert terrible politician joke here.  #makesupplychainsgreatagain)  But let’s face it: a forecast is...

SAP insider 2016 – Part 2

(by Mike Raftery)This year we can sense a change in the IBP landscape.  Here at SCM Insider 2016 (from beautiful, classy Las Vegas) the tone is markedly different on the show floor, and it’s exciting.When IBP was released the initial reaction was fear and rejection. ...

Ready to Launch 2016: Come Meet Us!

(By Mike Raftery)It’s never predictable how you establish a rhythm, but it is human nature to look for patterns, so I guess it becomes inevitable.  In our little niche of the universe, we put a lot of energy around the few milestones and landmarks that...

The War Against Poor Safety Stock Management Part 1

(By Mike Raftery)Ah…. the soft warm blanket of safety stock.  Who doesn’t love an extra pallet or two of inventory to help you sleep well at night?  In the theory of every supply chain textbook ever written, safety stock is purely the amount of inventory...

Why The Real S&OP Business Case Has Nothing To Do With S&OP

(By Mike Raftery)It seems lately that the collective supply chain world is all at once evaluating their business cases for the S&OP module of the Integrated Business Planning suite from SAP.  When I have seen these evaluations occur, they usually occur in relation to other...