2015: Year in Review (By the Numbers)

(By Megan Brimmer)

It’s been another incredibly fast year at SCM Connections.  Between all the new developments in IBP and APO, new faces and new clients, an ever-growing conference roster, sales calls, demos and partnerships, we’re still trying to figure out where October and November went, and at the same time, gearing up for 2016.

Here’s our 2015 year in review, by the numbers.

6,676: New views on our IBP YouTube channel

917: Number of coffees consumed, courtesy of the office espresso machine, affectionately known as “Little Mama.”

9: New projects started, with clients old and new

449,079: Flight miles clocked

1: Newest SCMC’er to the team (Camila Rosario Gonzalez was born in June to Claudio and his wife)

23,855: New page views on our website

93: Number of great lunch places within walking distance of our new office digs downtown

5: SAP conferences we presented at

2: Number of major IBP upgrades we navigated

2: New statuses as SAP Partner Edge Partners and PwC JBR Partners.

So thanks to all of our great clients and consultants.  Thanks for doing what you do so well so we can keep doing what we love.  Happy holidays.

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