4 Tips to Prepare for Your Final Day at SAPInsider

(By Mike Raftery)

And down the stretch they come!

Conferences are mentally exhausting, that is a fact.  Talking to people all day, being “on” all the time, eating too much, “socializing” at night.  It’s a tough job but someone’s gotta do it.  And here you are, bags packed, last day at the conference and let’s be honest, it’s a long last day.  I find myself in a numbed state, wandering the floor, looking for coffee.  So, to focus and get the most of your time at SAPInsider, here’s a checklist of how to get the most of your last day and not have any regrets next week:

  1. Find-a-friend

Remember those empty promises “I’ll catch you later!” “Let’s have lunch tomorrow!” Well, time to make good on those plans.  Even though you’re tired, a face-to-face conversation cannot be replicated when you’re back home.  Send a text, look for someone in the halls, make that effort and at least get a handshake with those colleagues you’ve been meaning to connect with this week.  That connection goes a long way.

  1. Find a session on something new

Nothing peak your fancy on the last day?  Pick something from a totally different track.  Find a topic that you’ve never had any need to see before.  Expanding your horizons is a good way to feel refreshed and maybe even learn something new.

  1. Start a random conversation

Talk to someone at random.  In my experience, everyone has a great story to share.  Find someone else who’s also staring off into space and say “hi!”  Ask them about their experience, their favorite session or the most interesting trinket they saw on the floor.  You never know what that other person has to share.

  1. Make future plans

Follow up with meetings, calls, emails, LinkedIn and make the investment in the conference last.  It helps to follow up with a call to deep dive on a topic you didn’t get to, or a webcast to follow up on an interesting session.  Make sure you build your network officially or unofficially.  Chances are, you’ll need to lean on them in the next few months.

Finally, and it goes without saying, grab those pens, notebooks, useless trinkets and office décor.  If you don’t take them home, the poor vendors will have to.  Have a great day, power through and get the most out of your final hours on the floor.

If you’re still trying to make heads or tails of IBP, check out our IBP ebook.  If you’re trying to figure out what IBP can do for you, check out our recent blog series here.

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