Black Friday Deals We’d Like to See– SAP edition

Well it’s a short holiday week and a good time to give the old soapbox a break and get into the shopping season mindset.  Given that this week is all about the deals, and a little about the turkey we thought we would submit black Friday deals we’d like to see in the SAP Online Store this year.

SAP bundle with and HANA for faster sales

Yeah there’s probably quite a bit of negotiation to pull off this bundle before you’d see it in Wal-Mart.  But that would certainly sell out on the first hour after the doors open wouldn’t it?

Explain in a coherent sentence what HANA does, and get it Half Off!

Extra coupons and a coffee mug if you can explain it to a relative over thanksgiving dinner and they understand it.

First 100 customers to SAP Press website get the copy of the S&OP on HANA book that actually tells you how the thing works.

The rest get the generic training that seems useful while in the class, but doesn’t seem quite so applicable once you get home.

Xbox One bundle with S&OP licenses

No real purpose, I just want an Xbox this year.  With skype it’s a business expense, right?

R3 production planning close out deals, “everything MUST GO”

Same sale would have ECC, APO and ATP at 50% off.  Transportation Management is found in the bargain bin.

Consultants that come with a 90 day money back guarantee (with Concur receipts)

Remember this list is just for fun, right guys? (awkward chuckle)

OSS service support prepaid gold card.

You get direct access to the guy that will eventually answer your question.  Buy pre-paying you get 10 calls for the price of 8.  Stock up now in advance of IBP!

The SAPPHIRE “Dinosaurs of Rock Holiday Album”.

 A collection of all of your favorite washed up ASUG performers on one very special LP.  Impress your hipster friends by letting them know you listened to them long after they sold out.

Well, keep an eye out in the flyers online for the best deals, you never know which ones might pop up.  Tis the season and have a great holiday.  Take a few minutes this week to enjoy family, friends, food, and the annual tradition of watching the Lions lose on national TV.

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