5 Best New Features of SAP IBP 2105

Brand new apps, enhanced machine learning capability, and more! There's a lot to love in SAP IBP 2105.

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Spring has finally sprung here in Chicago, and so has the newest release of Integrated Business Planning- SAP IBP 2105! As a part of their regular quarterly upgrade plan, SAP has released the IBP 2105 update and it is chock-full of new functionality. Here is my list of the top 5 new features:

Over the past few releases, SAP began migrating systems to a new normalized data model. For the first time, some new functionality in the 2105 release will only be available to organizations that have normalized their systems, and SAP announced that all systems are required to be normalized by the end of 2021.

Not sure if you are working in a normalized Planning Area? With the 2105 release, planners will be able to check the normalization status on the General tab of a Planning Area in the Planning Areas – Model Configuration Fiori application.

1) Planning Workspace App

As part of a continued effort to improve Web Based Planning, SAP has released a long list of new functionalities coming to web planners via the new Planning Workspace App scheduled for a labs release in 2105 and a GA release in 2108. I was actually very impressed with the Planning Workspace App, as Web-Based Planning has often fallen short of Excel-Based Planning in the past.

The Planning Workspace App allows planners to use existing planning view templates and filters or create new ones on the fly. The UI displays alerted values in different colors side by side with the alert description, allowing planners to locate and resolve alerts in the same view, or planners can snap focus to the first highlighted alert in the view. Planners can also simulate, save, and drill down into data the same way they would in the Excel UI.

There are many more features coming out with this release, and it appears SAP will continue to prioritize development of Web-Based Planning in future releases.

Want to see these great new features in action?

Have a look at our video walkthrough of the best new features in SAP IBP 2105.

2) Rule Based Switchable Constraints in OBP

Specific to Order-Based Planning, planners can now turn on and off constraints in supply planning using attribute-based rules. Whereas before constraints could be manually turned on and off, the addition of rule-based switching allows for greater customization and flexibility for Order-Based planners.

Rules are defined in the existing Planning Run Profiles app. The figure below shows which constraints this new feature can apply to.

3) Procedure Playbooks App

The new Procedure Playbooks App displays best practices and procedures for planners to solve supply chain issues directly in the space they need them, like a custom alert, for example. The playbook can contain a detailed description of the issue and activities and actions to solve them. They can also contain links to navigate directly to the Web-based apps needed to resolve the issue.

If utilized correctly, Procedure Playbooks can help planners identify and solve supply chain issues with an efficient and standardized practice.

4) Machine Learning for Master Data Consistency

Anyone responsible for maintaining Master Data will appreciate this upgrade. SAP is leveraging Machine Learning (ML) to detect outliers in Master Data and suggest corrections.

The ML will read your existing Master Data and self-learn rules that it applies to outliers. Of course, planners will have the option to accept or reject these corrections, but this will prove to be a powerful tool in the Master Data cleansing process.

5) Manage Editability Horizons

Editability Horizons allow a key figure to be modified only within a restricted time window. Now with a new Manage Editability Horizons Fiori app, frozen or editable horizons can be defined with fixed and dynamic rules that go down to the attribute value combination level. This upgrade creates more flexibility in the definition of editable periods as well, by including “From” and “To” horizon definition parameters.

These rules can also be applied to business roles, creating more ways to define a planner’s write permissions.

*Honorable Mentions - Other Important Features

  • Coverage Calculation
    • The Simplified Key Figure calculation can now be used in reverse to calculate Projected Stock
  • End-User Guide
    • Similar in utility to the Procedure Playbook, SAP has added more tips and tricks for End-Users embedded to display next to functionality if the user clicks the Help icon
  • Key Figure Grouping
    • Easily pull a group of Key Figures into a planning view with one click instead of adding each individually

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