BREAKING NEWS: SCM Connections Named to SAP Consulting Partners Program

(By Pat Green)

While not really “Breaking News” in the New York Times sense, it’s a pretty big deal for us nonetheless.

I am pleased to announce that this past week, SCM Connections was selected to join the SAP® Consulting Partner Program, North America.  Through our participation in this program, SCM Connections will collaborate with SAP to further accelerate time-to-value on implementations of SAP solutions within the SCM, IBP and HANA platforms.   We are looking forward to continuing what we believe will be a long relationship with SAP, and one that will only grow in the future. 

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What the SAP Consulting Partner Program Means to Us:

When we set out on our SCM Connections journey a few years back, we weren’t 100% sure where it would eventually take us.  We thought we were good SCM consultants and could deliver solid SAP planning solutions, but running a consulting firm is an entirely different thing.   Our team had mostly been on the delivery and project management side of the house, so we had a lot to learn about Business Development, Sales, Client Engagement, Marketing, Resource Development, Financials, Real Estate, Catering, Janitorial Services, and all of the other activities that go into running a consulting firm.  However, we also knew that if we could provide solid SCM solutions to our clients, SCM Connections would ultimately be successful.

With that in mind, we agreed upon a few rules for our firm.

1. There are no rules in SCMC Club. What?? Wait, that doesn’t make any sense……

2. Work with Good, Smart People. Consulting is all about relationships and reputation, and the people you work with are representing your company – don’t ever compromise on this.

3. Focus on Providing Value to the Client.  Ultimately, this is our “raison d’etre.”  If we can’t provide value and quality solutions to our clients, then we have failed in our purpose.

4. Focus on Supply Chain Management.  Yeah, we’re all a bunch of Supply Chain nerds who sit around debating topics like the merits of analyzing forecast accuracy, customer service levels and optimizations algorithms.   Is it exciting or sexy?  Ummm no.  Is it who we are?  Yup.  Will that change? Nope.  Do we like to answer our own questions?  Absolutely.

Yeah, I know, this all sounds like it came out of an MBA cliché textbook.  We used to be the guys that mocked a corporate mission statement, a slew of pie charts, and the need for TPS Reports.   However, this process really did allow us to focus on what is really important to our nascent company, and find other people that shared those core values with us.   Ultimately we think this differentiates us from our competitors, and shows when we walk into a client’s office.

It’s in this context that the being selected for the SAP Consulting Partner Program is such a big deal for our firm.  We did it by being who we are, not in spite of it.  To us, this really validates the approach, values and guiding principles we use every day in running our company.

Personally, that’s the most gratifying about being selected for the program.  So yeah, we’ll take a moment to pop the champagne and pat ourselves on the backs for all of the hard work the team’s put in in the past few years.  After that – it’s back to delivering SCM solutions for our clients, drawing on white boards, drinking stale conference room coffee and finding the occasional hilarious cat picture to forward, because that’s just who we are and what we do.

Click here to read the press release.

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