Is SAP IBP Ready to Replace My APO Planning System?

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Lots of SAP Customers who have been using APO are looking towards migration to IBP. One of the core questions we get from our customers is – “Is IBP ready to replace my APO system?” This question may not be important to small/midsize customers who have not used APO and are looking forward to moving […]

7 Things You Can Do After a Failed APO Implementation

(By Sanjay Jelaji) Let’s face it. Things don’t always go as planned. And this applies to the implementation of advanced supply chain planning systems too. So, what can you do after a failed APO implementation?  This was a direct question that was asked of us at a recent conference. This blog will answer that question. […]

How to Become a Macro Whisperer

By Claudio Gonzalez Within the realms of SAP, there isn’t a functionality, in my mind, that comes closer to a love/hate relationship. Of course, I am talking about Macros: the one area in SAP that can make a planner’s life easier and make the creator of the macro look like a hero.  What some people […]

Heuristic and Priority Based Capacity Leveling with SNP

I came across this business requirement to level production capacity simultaneously at multiple BOM levels, using the standard SAP SNP Capacity Leveling process. The standard process levels only one resource at a time without considering other dependent resources or products. There were circumstantial restrictions that prevented the utilization of other supply planning engines such as […]

Bucketed Forecast Consumption vs. Standard Consumption: A New Winner in the Race?

With the release of APO enhancement pack one (EHP1), SAP has provided customers with an alternate method of consumption to the standard “rolling window” approach that SAP has used to date.  But is it something that your company should be utilizing?  If your current forecast consumption process is locked down and operating as intended (in […]