Top 5 New Features of SAP IBP 1908

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With the latest release of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) 1908, it’s time once again for a quarterly peek behind the curtain of IBP.  I’ve decided to highlight some innovations and enhancements that I found particularly interesting.  In addition to those highlighted below, there are a slew of stability enhancements in the 1908 Release along […]

Why I Turned Down the Big Companies to Intern with a Small Business

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Going through the job search process while having to juggle the stressors of college life is not an easy task. To make it even worse, you are surrounded by people who have a similar educational background as you, and the differentiators begin to fade. Peers begin to talk with each other; “did you get an […]

The Waiting Game: My Experience with the College Internship Recruiting Process

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The mention of the word ‘recruiting’ evokes a wide range of emotions for the prospective intern or job seeker. It is an exciting time- you are on the brink of the beginning of your career and the possibilities seem endless. However, it is also a time of vulnerability, which is something I quickly found out […]

Top 8 New Features of SAP IBP Version 1905

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There’s a lot to see in the latest release of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) 1905. Here’s my comprehensive breakdown on the biggest changes and what they can do for your organization: 1) DDMRP – all phases. The last steps of Demand Driven Replenishment Planning have been added to IBP in this release.  DDMRP is […]