4 Tips For Starting Your New Job in a Work From Home World

Welcome to 2020: the year that nobody could have predicted and everybody wishes would just be over already. Things have changed drastically in such a short period of time, and many norms of home and office life have flown out the window. For those lucky enough to be starting a new job during these times, […]

6 Tips for New Consultants: Thriving and Surviving in an Unfamiliar World

Go Beyond What You Think You’re Capable Of Starting out as a new consultant, especially if you’re a fresh graduate, can feel intimidating. The title of ‘consultant’ suggests subject matter expertise, which new hires typically lack. Being unable to answer client questions when you’re starting out often leads to feeling of uncertainty mixed with an […]

The Ragged Edge of CPI-DS

compass on map

Tricks to developing, surviving, and conquering Well, it sure isn’t SQL… Anyone that has worked in the integration space is probably familiar with SQL Developer, Oracle, MySQL, and for the SAP Purists, ABAP forms and the functionality and limitations of those systems for manipulating data. In the brave new world of IBP, we now have […]

What’s Your Supply Chain’s “Super Bowl Commercial”?

vw commercial with darth vader child

It seems that in this “everybody deserves a trophy” culture, almost everyone is their own special little snowflake.  I know that’s a gag-inducing phrase but, unfortunately, there’s a bit of truth to it.  As you walk down the street, sit on the train or slog through traffic, everyone around you is deep into their own […]