Simplify Your Demand Planning Process with Pyramid Forecasting in SAP IBP

Demand planning can be a challenging process for companies with complex product hierarchies that have numerous product groups, product families, and stock keeping units. To further complicate the issue, demand planning often involves forecasting for different customer channels and individual customers within those channels. Clearly, companies need a way to navigate through these complexities when […]

Weathering the Storm: SAP IBP’s Real-Life “What If?” Simulations Put to the Test

Whatever your political leanings, it’s safe to say we can all agree on one thing; the current climate is nothing if not unpredictable. This unpredictability puts stress on today’s supply chains like never before. Global supply chains are commonplace today, with components procured from suppliers all over the globe, and customers in every continent (prob […]

IBP Demand Sensing: How Can I Make My Forecast Team Less Wrong?

(By Libby Evans) So you get a forecast that turns out to be decent, at a high level. However, they’ve really missed the boat when it came to downstream proportions for a particular week and the consumption at different locations varies greatly throughout the week.  IBP to the rescue.  IBP offers a super powerful tool […]