Is IBP Ready to Replace my APO Planning System?

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Lots of SAP Customers who have been using APO are looking towards migration to IBP. One of the core questions we get from our customers is – “Is IBP ready to replace my APO system?”  This question may not be important to small/midsize customers who have not used APO and are looking forward to moving […]

Top 10 New Features in SAP IBP 1911

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With the latest release of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) 1911 due out, it’s time once again for our quarterly peek behind the curtain of SAP IBP. In addition to the ones listed below, there are many stability enhancements in the 1911 release concerning integrity checks for configuration, performance enhancements, and simplification. I recommend reading […]

Top 5 New Features of SAP IBP 1908

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With the latest release of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) 1908, it’s time once again for a quarterly peek behind the curtain of IBP.  I’ve decided to highlight some innovations and enhancements that I found particularly interesting.  In addition to those highlighted below, there are a slew of stability enhancements in the 1908 Release along […]

Simplify Your Demand Planning Process with Pyramid Forecasting in SAP IBP

Demand planning can be a challenging process for companies with complex product hierarchies that have numerous product groups, product families, and stock keeping units. To further complicate the issue, demand planning often involves forecasting for different customer channels and individual customers within those channels. Clearly, companies need a way to navigate through these complexities when […]