3 Reasons Why Process is Still King – A Globetrotter’s Report

3 Reasons Why Process Is Still King – A Globetrotter’s Report   As we at SCM Connections have recently wrapped up an Eventful Group conference in Johannesburg, South Africa, a Gartner Supply Chain conference in Phoeniz, AZ, and prepare for SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG in Orlando, FL, there is one theme that comes up over […]

Thoughts and Notes on SAP IBP 1805

Thoughts and Notes On SAP IBP 1805   I’d like to introduce you today to some of the new features that are in SAP IBP 1805.  While there are many exciting features in this release, this blog will just touch on a few of the ones that are aligned with my particular areas of expertise, […]

3 Ways to Release Your Cash with IBP Inventory Optimization

(By Mike Raftery) Stacks and stacks of dollar bills.  Some on pallets, some on fork trucks, some on the road.  That is what you should see when you walk into a warehouse: stacks and stacks of money.  And like a wise man once said, “mo’ money, mo’ problems.” That money is just sitting there, collecting […]

What should you do with IBP today? 4 strategies that will fit everyone

(By Mike Raftery) OK you’ve realized that IBP is coming.  Maybe soon?  Maybe not?  But what do you do now?  IBP is not quite ready to be a full standalone platform to run a complex supply chain on its own in Q1 2016.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to use its strengths to […]

The War Against Poor Safety Stock Management Part 1

(By Mike Raftery) Ah…. the soft warm blanket of safety stock.  Who doesn’t love an extra pallet or two of inventory to help you sleep well at night?  In the theory of every supply chain textbook ever written, safety stock is purely the amount of inventory required to prevent stockouts.  This has a loose interpretation […]