Transportation and Production Calendars in SAP IBP

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Increased Flexibility with Planning Calendars in SAP IBP Having an accurate planning calendar is crucial for firms to ensure on-time delivery of goods, and gives them the ability to meet required service levels. Due to the nature of modern supply chains, it has become increasingly difficult for global firms to stay up to date with […]

Satisfy Customer Demand with Component Substitution in SAP IBP

Improve Your Supply Chain Stability Having the necessary components in stock for producing finished goods is a critical factor for a stable supply chain.  Component availability can be challenging for companies that produce a large variety of products with many different components. This is further complicated due to components having differing lead times, inventory accuracy […]

Helping You Navigate SAP’s COVID-19 Support Offerings

Take a Breath and Take Control Now is not the time to panic. Don’t do it.  Whether you are listening to your local leaders or your financial planner, heed the advice to stay calm and make thoughtful decisions during these unprecedented times. The decisions we make during times of uncertainty will pave the way for […]

Work Smarter with an EPM Formatting Sheet in SAP IBP

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Staying Organized Has Never Looked So Good We’ve all been there. There’s a huge presentation of an excel workbook that needs to get done, and we want it to look professional and eye-catching without being cluttered. So how do we do this, without spending hours conditionally formatting, picking text colors, and underlining? Actually, the easy […]

5 Best New Features of SAP IBP 2002

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With the latest release of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) 2002 due to be released to customers soon, it’s time once again for a quarterly peek behind the curtain of IBP.  I’ve decided to highlight some innovations and enhancements of the newest version that I found particularly interesting.  In addition to those highlighted below, there […]