Sales & Operations Planning for Pharma: S&OP for API using SAP IBP

chemistry beakers s&op planning for pharma

The sales & operations in Pharma industry has always been a challenge due to the multitude of packaging, dosage and presentation forms for the same drug. For example, a common fever medicine Acetomenaphin is sold in different dosages – 10mg, 20 mg, 40 mg , different presentation formats – tablets, capsules, syrups , different packaging […]

Gradient Boosting of Decision Trees

The 1811 release of SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) has some amazing new features, and near the top of my list of favorites sits the new Gradient Boosting forecasting algorithm. This new machine learning algorithm provides the next step into advanced forecasting techniques in IBP. Technically, its full name is Gradient Boosting of Decision Trees. […]

Top 8 New Features of SAP IBP 1811

top 8 new features of sap ibp 1811

SAP has provided a nice update on the new features that are coming in SAP IBP 1811 which will be released for customers in mid-November, including many new features and capabilities for optimizing your supply chain.   If you find yourself with 2 hours to spare, you can watch the recorded session. However, if you’re just looking […]

SPARK – The first SAP-Qualified Partner-Program offering for SAP IBP

  The idea was to create a series of planning solutions that combine the best practices of well-run supply chains with the incredible power of the SAP IBP planning platform.  Package that up in a fixed scope, deploy the product faster than any solution before, and you have a package that delivers value to your supply chain like nothing […]

Ignite Your Supply Chain with SCM Connections’ SPARK

  Accordingly to the Technology Evaluation Center, what is the number one thing you can do to ensure a successful software implementation?  That’s right: Chose the right service provider.     SCM Connections has been helping Fortune 500 companies implement SAP IBP since the software came to market five years ago.  We’ve watched IBP grow, evolve and […]