What’s Your Supply Chain’s “Super Bowl Commercial”?

vw commercial with darth vader child

It seems that in this “everybody deserves a trophy” culture, almost everyone is their own special little snowflake.  I know that’s a gag-inducing phrase but, unfortunately, there’s a bit of truth to it.  As you walk down the street, sit on the train or slog through traffic, everyone around you is deep into their own […]

What should you do with IBP today? 4 strategies that will fit everyone

(By Mike Raftery) OK you’ve realized that IBP is coming.  Maybe soon?  Maybe not?  But what do you do now?  IBP is not quite ready to be a full standalone platform to run a complex supply chain on its own in Q1 2016.  But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work to use its strengths to […]

Superbowl Edition: 3 Reasons Peyton Manning would Run an Excellent Supply Chain

(By Mike Raftery) The confetti has settled, trophies kissed and ring sizes are being taken.  Time for clichés! As a football fan, and former Indianapolis resident, I am a Peyton loyalist (sorry Brady-lovers).  I was there for the first Superbowl, saw Peyton around the town, and have followed his journey to Denver.  Watching him win […]

3 Tips to Getting the Most Out of Limited Tools (The Secret: Get Creative)

(By Mike Raftery) Who would have thought that the most creativity comes out of a “vanilla” solution?  When options are limited, it’s amazing how creative you can really become.  I’m on a project now with limited resources for customization.  Basically, it’s me and whatever functionality the infinite wisdom of those APO gods have decided to […]

Building a Business Case in the Cloud

(By Mike Raftery) Despite the buzzwords, vaporware and hype, the cloud is real and it is happening. The remote hosting of applications like SAP’s IBP solution is quickly becoming accepted as a standard infrastructure alternative for projects in IT departments everywhere. For those of us used to large scale enterprise-wide IT projects, the world is […]