Weathering the Storm: SAP IBP’s Real-Life “What If?” Simulations Put to the Test

Whatever your political leanings, it’s safe to say we can all agree on one thing; the current climate is nothing if not unpredictable. This unpredictability puts stress on today’s supply chains like never before. Global supply chains are commonplace today, with components procured from suppliers all over the globe, and customers in every continent (prob […]

9 Ways to Make the Most Out of Your Least With IBP Response & Supply

(By Mike Raftery) The beauty of a supply planner’s life is that (s)he is never expected to be 100% right.  Think about it – who else gets paid so much for being wrong?  (Insert terrible politician joke here.  #makesupplychainsgreatagain)  But let’s face it: a forecast is a guess that needs to be graded on a […]

Why Bother With An Optimizer

(By Mike Raftery) There seem to be two main camps on the topic. Group one thinks there’s a problem that exists that can’t be solved by an optimizer. The other camp would not touch the optimizer with a 10 foot pole and sees it as little more than a gimmick. Where’s the truth about supply […]

3 Reasons NOT to implement SAP’s SCM Application

By Mike Raftery) Sure, everyone wants a more efficient supply chain. After all, every dollar saved in your supply chain costs fall to the bottom line. However, is more technology always the answer? Most definitely not. Before making a significant investment in time, money and resources make sure you are not acquiring more technology than […]

Considering Shelf Life Whilst Planning Supply in SAP SCM (APO)

(By Sanjay Jelaji) It took a while for me to come up with the title. The debate in my head was whether I should use the word “whilst”. Predominantly a British term, I was worried that some of my American friends may need to look it up. But then I figured it is a part […]