The Art of Data Science

The Art of Data Science: How a Real Data Scientist is a Renaissance Man (And Why You Can’t Live Without One)  “Data Scientist: Sexiest Job of the 21st Century.” It certainly has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? The question lies in: how could a job with both the words ‘Data’ and ‘Scientist’ be considered the sexiest job? Studying economics, sitting at the computer […]

Is This the Supply Chain Apocalypse? You’ve Got 2 Options to Save Your World

Regardless of your industry or sector, new technologies and advanced analytics are whipping through supply chain departments like wildfire.  It’s no longer enough to be Excel-savvy or have the latest instance of Oracle.  Today’s Supply Chain department needs data scientists and highly competent analysts to turn all that noisy data into information your planners and buyers can execute on. The magic in transforming […]

The Six Stages of Grief in Transitioning from APO to IBP

You’ve done it! You have finally successfully separated your planners from their spreadsheets and gone live with APO-DP. What an accomplishment! Then two days later, you open your email and you’re hit with the news: “SAP will phase out APO and replace it with IBP.”  APO to IBP…. Wait… What’s IBP? —————————————————————– IBP is SAP’s […]

4 Ways to Get the Most Out of Predictive Analytics For Your Supply Chain

Predictive analysis is a practice that involves extracting information from already existing data sets. It can determine patterns and possibly predict future outcomes as well as trends.  It does not exactly tell what will happen but what might happen. So, looking at predictive analysis, you might question why you should use predictive analytics (big data), […]