Charting a New Course Day 001 – Welcome Aboard!

(By Mike Raftery & Megan Brimmer)

Let’s face it: regardless of the industry you’re in, no one wants to be the last buggy whip manufacturer staring at a town full of Model T’s, least of all a technology consulting firm.  That’s why we’ve devoted the last few months to reshuffling, refocusing and figuring out how SCM Connections can not only be a part of SAP’s changing landscape but how we can also continue to deliver premier supply chain solutions utilizing the latest and greatest technology and service offerings.

When we started this company 7 years ago, we set out to do what we’d always done: provide high-end APO solutions to our clients.  But since 2008, the market has changed, and with it, the need for a high end APO consulting firm.  No longer is it enough to provide the best solution within your niche; consulting firms now have to leverage a whole set of tools that are outside of their primary skill set to deliver tangible results that enable a supply chain to reach the next level of excellence.

So what does all that mean for a boutique APO firm like SCM Connections?  It means it’s time to stay ahead of our client’s needs and set the course to focus on the broader supply chain practice, to build better supply chains using technology.  We believe that the IT consulting industry is changing dramatically.  Let’s face it: pure technologists are becoming a commodity.  Customers are demanding holistically integrated approaches to their IT solutions.  If we can’t address our client’s supply chain challenges and leverage the latest technology, someone else will.

What this means to you: We’re going to be checking in periodically over the course of the next year and giving you a backstage pass to what we’re seeing, what we’re learning, and how you can avoid some of the mistakes we will (inevitably) make as we shift the focus of our company from niche APO to a broader supply chain solutions firm.  While our moms might think we’re perfect, we know we’re not, and we’ll be the first to admit that we might have to try a few things to figure out the right way to navigate our quickly changing surroundings.  We’re inviting you to a backstage pass while we scrape our knees shifting from a boutique SAP/APO planning shop, focused on one technology, to focusing on the broader supply chain practice, using technology as a means to support a transformation, not an ends to itself.  If we come out of the next year victorious, you’ll know how we got there.  If we don’t, hopefully you’ll be able to avoid some of the mistakes we made along the way.

Yes, you caught us: we are transparent to a fault, but we’re also big believers in learning from other people’s mistakes so that everyone advances together.

Join us as we answers questions like the following:

  • What resonates with customers developing a next generation supply chain?
  • How is SAP progressing along the IBP roadmap to deliver true integrated business planning?
  • How are we going to grow in the future? Where is the growth coming from?
  • What type of customer relationship makes the most sense?
  • Is there any need for the pure technologist anymore?

Enjoy the series starting today with day 001, and hopefully we’ll still be around to write it on day 365.

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