Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning



DDRMP can help a wide range of supply chains. It especially shines in a multi-echelon, complex, and changing environment.
Companies will implement DDRMP to help them manage inventories that are plagued by shortages and overstocks at the same time. It’s also very helpful for directing improvement activities and pinpointing weak points in your supply chain which can be cumbersome to otherwise uncover.
If you’re willing to embrace the principles of flow, overcome the change management of revolutionizing the way you plan and execute your supply chain, and take that leap ahead of your competitors, DDMRP could be just what you’re looking for.




The DDMRP functionality in SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) comes fully equipped with operators to calculate recommended strategic decoupling points throughout the supply chain network.


Prioritized Part Replenishment

Buffer status alerts and visibility into net flow position and on-hand inventory are key to DDMRP in SAP IBP. SCM Connections has designed Excel planning views to help simplify the process of prioritizing strategic decoupling buffers for replenishment based on system-recommended supply orders. 

Incorporate Strategic Business Decisions into Decoupling Points

Planners have the flexibility to assign decoupling points to promote and protect flow from end to end. Strategic business decisions are easily integrated into DDMRP to allow planners to shorten their customer lead times, capitalize on quick-turn market potential products, and protect critical operations and resources. 

Improved Visibility for Supply Order Execution

Execution alerts are automatically triggered in the system to help planners focus their attention on managing open supply orders. Buffer status alerts help planners collaborate with suppliers to prioritize supply orders for decoupling points. DDMRP in IBP also includes synchronization alerts to help planners with both buffered and non-buffered parts. 

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