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Jim Kehler

Top 5 New Features of SAP IBP 1902

1902 is chock full of technical and functional improvements and corrections. I’ll be highlighting just a few features. These features cover troubleshooting batch jobs, better integration to your SAP ERP system and user experience.

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Brandon Giesegh

Gradient Boosting of Decision Trees

The 1811 release of SAP IBP (Integrated Business Planning) has some amazing new features, and near the top of my list of favorites sits the new Gradient Boosting forecasting algorithm. This new machine learning algorithm provides the next step into advanced forecasting techniques in IBP.

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top 8 new features of sap ibp 1811
Charlie Der

Top 8 New Features of SAP IBP 1811

Top 8 New Features of SAP IBP 1811 SAP has provided a nice update on the new features that are coming in SAP IBP 1811 which will be released for customers in mid-November, including many new features and capabilities for optimizing your supply chain.   If

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Kristi Naidech

Ignite Your Supply Chain with SCM Connections’ SPARK

IGNITE YOUR SUPPLY CHAIN WITH scm connections’ spark   Accordingly to the Technology Evaluation Center, what is the number one thing you can do to ensure a successful software implementation?  That’s right: Chose the right service provider.     SCM Connections has been helping Fortune 500 companies

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