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Our innovative blog & video series on making the most out of your supply chain includes SAP IBP release reviews, S&OP tutorials, thoughts on supply chain technology, and more.


SCM Connections experts explore the latest trends and topics in supply chain, featuring conversations with supply chain industry leaders and the challenges they face today.

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Kristi Naidech

3 Ways to Bring Your Supply Chain Home During Quarantine

Avoid Household Shortages with these Simple Tips Here at SCM Connections, we’ve devoted some pretty significant airtime on the challenges facing our business during quarantine, to manufacturing supply chains, and to supporting our industry colleagues.  Demand planners?  We’ve done webinars on how to deal

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New Release
Ajay Agrawal

Top 5 New Features of SAP IBP 2005

With the latest release of SAP IBP 2005 (Integrated Business Planning) deploying for customers soon, it’s time once again for a quarterly peek behind the curtain of IBP. The 2005 Release includes some great stability enhancements dealing with integrity checks for configuration, performance improvements and

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Shayn Kail

Satisfy Customer Demand with Component Substitution in SAP IBP

Improve Your Supply Chain Stability Having the necessary components in stock for producing finished goods is a critical factor for a stable supply chain.  Component availability can be challenging for companies that produce a large variety of products with many different components. This is

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Nikki Jain

Running Your S&OP Process in the Time of Coronavirus

Collaboration in a Work From Home World Even though the workplace was already becoming increasingly technology-dependent, with many employees working remotely, the coronavirus pandemic is certainly fast-tracking all of that. Employees are now becoming experts in the extra features* of tools like Zoom and

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