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SCM Connections experts explore the latest trends and topics in supply chain, featuring conversations with supply chain industry leaders and the challenges they face today.

man standing inside shipping container
Nick Roehl

Transportation and Production Calendars in SAP IBP

Increased Flexibility with Planning Calendars in SAP IBP Having an accurate planning calendar is crucial for firms to ensure on-time delivery of goods, and gives them the ability to meet required service levels. Due to the nature of modern supply chains, it has become

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Matt Gurbacki

Top 5 New Features of SAP IBP 2011

Tis the season to be jolly…. about the new SAP IBP 2011 features, that is. No matter how you celebrate the coming season, we can all rejoice about the upcoming functionality that will salvage what little remains of 2020. So come along with me

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SAP IBP 2008 blog
Ajay Agrawal

Top 5 New Features of SAP IBP 2008

With the latest release of SAP Integrated Business Planning (IBP) 2008 due to be deployed for customers soon, it’s time once again for a quarterly peek behind the curtain of IBP.  I’ve decided to highlight some innovations and enhancements of SAP IBP 2008 that

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2 empty chairs in an office
Connor Donahue

Change Management in the COVID-19 Era

As we have all been stuck at home and limiting our contact with the outside world these past few months, many of us have had to get used to a so-called “new normal.” Some of us are very fortunate to be able to work

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