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Our innovative blog & video series on making the most out of your supply chain includes SAP IBP release reviews, S&OP tutorials, thoughts on supply chain technology and more.

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2015: Year in Review (By the Numbers)

(By Megan Brimmer) It’s been another incredibly fast year at SCM Connections.  Between all the new developments in IBP and APO, new faces and new clients, an ever-growing conference roster, sales calls, demos and partnerships, we’re still trying to figure out where October and November

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Running For A Cause: the J/P Haitian Relief Organization

By Claudio Gonzalez Building a successful business is great, but doing it while giving back is even better. This year, SCM Connections did just that by matching every dollar that our partner, Claudio Gonzalez, raised through his funding for the J/P HRO charity.  J/P HRO is

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The War Against Poor Safety Stock Management Part 1

(By Mike Raftery) Ah…. the soft warm blanket of safety stock.  Who doesn’t love an extra pallet or two of inventory to help you sleep well at night?  In the theory of every supply chain textbook ever written, safety stock is purely the amount of

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Wade Smith Joins SCM Connections

(By Megan Brimmer) We’re excited to announce that Wade Smith has recently joined SCM Connections as an Associate Partner where he leads our Integrated Business Planning practice.  Wade brings 15 years of experience implementing SAP Supply Chain modules (QM, WM, PP-PI, and IM), including 5

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How to Become a Macro Whisperer

By Claudio Gonzalez Within the realms of SAP, there isn’t a functionality, in my mind, that comes closer to a love/hate relationship. Of course, I am talking about Macros: the one area in SAP that can make a planner’s life easier and make the creator

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