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Our innovative blog & video series on making the most out of your supply chain includes SAP IBP release reviews, S&OP tutorials, thoughts on supply chain technology and more.

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Why IBP Is Hard to Sell (and Buy)

(By Mike Raftery) I can see it now, and I totally get it.  In order to build an application as large and complex as SAP’s Integrated Business Planning solution, you need to divide and conquer.  There are too many moving parts and the timelines

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Charting a New Course Day 006: Risk & Sacrifice

(By Mike Raftery) Sometimes this all seems a bit small.  This weekend we took an extra day to remember our nation’s 239th birthday.  An extra day.  Seems like a nice benefit, but I heard a stat today that Americans get 10 days less vacation,

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Charting a New Course Day 001 – Welcome Aboard!

(By Mike Raftery & Megan Brimmer) Let’s face it: regardless of the industry you’re in, no one wants to be the last buggy whip manufacturer staring at a town full of Model T’s, least of all a technology consulting firm.  That’s why we’ve devoted

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The IT Consultant’s Guide to LinkedIn

(By Megan Brimmer) Whether you’re using it to land your next project, stay connected with old colleagues, or just to keep on top of the industry, LinkedIn is a great tool for any IT consultant’s arsenal.  Here are 10 tips to getting the most

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How I Found the 25th Hour of the Day

(By Megan Brimmer) When I was promoted a few months ago at SCM Connections, I was pretty excited.  I love our sales and marketing teams and we have some game changing projects and service offerings in development that I’m excited to be a part

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