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Our innovative blog & video series on making the most out of your supply chain includes SAP IBP release reviews, S&OP tutorials, thoughts on supply chain technology, and more.


SCM Connections experts explore the latest trends and topics in supply chain, featuring conversations with supply chain industry leaders and the challenges they face today.

The ROI of Growing Up

(By Mike Raftery) IT project investment is a strange animal. The total payback may not always be apparent since the impact of the investment is not as black and white as say, a new production line or some new R&D project. The benefits however,

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What I’m Thankful For… SAP Edition

(By Mike Raftery) Yes, I know, Thanksgiving is next week. But I wanted to kick off the season and beat everyone else to the punch (look forward to next week’s Black Friday special edition). Sure, everyone loves to hate the faceless corporate giant that

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The Long Term Impact of the Quick Fix

(By Mike Raftery) In the waning days of an IT project, there are times when rules go out the window. Desperate situations, short timelines and red status reports can lead to a very tempting scenario to implement a quick fix.   Just like a Big

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Stay Uncomfortable, My Friends

(By Mike Raftery) Last week, I spent a day out of my comfort zone. To be honest, I wasn’t really looking forward to it. My project was just starting a critical phase, and taking a day off in the middle of a week to

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Making Sense of an Optimized Supply Plan

(By Sanjay Jelaji) Here are a few definitions of the word “Optimize” without any association or consideration for supply chain optimization or supply chain planning: To make as perfect or effective as possible Make the best or most effective use of (a situation, opportunity,

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