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Power of Community, or Love Thy Neighbor

(By Mike Raftery) I’m an introvert. Going out of my way to introduce myself cold at a party or a meeting is pretty much torture to me. Recently I’ve learned to actually enjoy these events, and even to look forward to them. Why the change?

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5 Keys to a Successful S&OP Planning Run in APO

(By Mike Raftery) Every company has a different definition of what an S&OP plan looks like. Sometimes that means the next 5 quarters, other times it means 5 years. Even as the goals can even be completely different as some companies focus on raw material

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Sales and Operations Planning: Aligning Strategy to Execution

(By Patrick Green) All too often, Sales and Operations Planning is implemented with a narrow vision: “Keeping Focus on the Big Picture and letting the details sort themselves out”.    After all, the key players in the S&OP process should be focused on determining the overarching company strategy,

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What Planning in Excel Says About You As a Human Being

(By Mike Raftery) Despite the best efforts of supply chain software vendors, consultants and CIOs everywhere, Microsoft is still winning the supply chain application war. Without a doubt, excel is still the most (over) utilized supply chain planning tool out there despite all of our

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3 Keys to Maximizing the ROI on Your APO Project

(By Mike Raftery) When you look at an implementation project plan for a large scale IT project like APO, the end date is not really an end date. Really, it’s more of a transition point. The transition from spending to realizing return on your investment

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