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3 Reasons NOT to implement SAP’s SCM Application

By Mike Raftery) Sure, everyone wants a more efficient supply chain. After all, every dollar saved in your supply chain costs fall to the bottom line. However, is more technology always the answer? Most definitely not. Before making a significant investment in time, money

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Social Media: 4 Simple Tips to Getting Yourself Heard

(By Mike Raftery) Mike Raftery, SCM solutions architect at SCM Connections, is a consultant and industry expert in SAP’s Supply Chain Management with over ten years of experience at the architect level.  He’s also SCM Connections’ expert blogger for all things SAP SCM, and

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3 Tips to the Elusive Supply Chain Dashboard

(By Mike Raftery) An effective supply chain dashboard is a very tempting idea.  In the course of every supply chain project, a scope item comes up that either is, or is very close to, a supply chain dashboard.  For some organizations, it becomes a

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