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Sabrina Ajanee

My Journey from Fast-Fashion Supply Chain to SCM

When I completed my MBA with a concentration in Supply Chain, I envisioned working at a company where the whole supply chain process was as seamless as it sounded in class. However, that was not my experience when I started working in the fashion

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rainbow in the sky
Machine Learning
Mike Raftery

A Rainy-Day Guide to Predictive Analytics

Small talk always seems to start with observations around the weather.  So, as we attempt to boil down a complex topic like the applied machine learning techniques to develop predictive analytics, let’s start with the weather. A simple thing like a rainstorm can be

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Business people working at table
Jim Kehler

Top 5 New Features of SAP IBP 1902

1902 is chock full of technical and functional improvements and corrections. I’ll be highlighting just a few features. These features cover troubleshooting batch jobs, better integration to your SAP ERP system and user experience.

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