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Waking Up to the Potential of Machine Learning

  …”BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!”  Your alarm goes off and you start your morning routine, somehow managing you to clock in on time without being yelled at by your boss. But, I bet that this didn’t happen to you on your second day of work (yes,

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Thoughts and Notes on SAP IBP 1805

Thoughts and Notes On SAP IBP 1805   I’d like to introduce you today to some of the new features that are in SAP IBP 1805.  While there are many exciting features in this release, this blog will just touch on a few of

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Mike Raftery

Mind the Talent Gap with BPaaS

Mind The Talent Gap With BPAAS Record low unemployment. Dwindling pools of supply chain graduates. Increased supply chain complexity. These are realities in today’s business world.  These factors, along with an evolving definition of a ‘team’ and increased supply chain complexity are putting environmental

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