Go West Young Man: SCMC Expands its Horizons

(By Mike Raftery)

We’re changing our focus.  After years of primarily focusing on the IT integrator, we’re here to be your complete supply chain partner.

It’s a new year and we at SCM Connections are ready for new things.  New can be scary and painful, but with any luck, you learn something about yourself along the way.  What have we learned?  We are true to our motto: we’re supply chain geeks at heart, and that’s where we’re headed.  First up, the Gartner Supply Chain conference May 23rd – 25th in Phoenix AZ.  This is a new event for us, and so far we feel at home with our Gartner brethren.

Here’s what we’re learning:

  1. The world is changing.

Specifically, our world is changing.  IT is becoming simpler, more user friendly and more powerful.  Implementing an IT solution is as easy and painless as it’s ever been, and yet that makes things all the more challenging when it comes to implementing a system that works.  Enter the supply chain geeks.  When barriers like batch jobs, system integration and user interfaces are removed, such as they are in IBP and other cloud based applications, it becomes very easy to put in solutions.  But it also becomes very easy to miss the mark.  When the guiderails are removed, it’s the business expertise that makes it work.  Some say there is nothing more terrifying than a blank piece of paper.  When the margins disappear, the real value comes in knowing where to draw the first line

  1. We want to get smarter.

If you’ve met any of us in person or on a conference call, you know we have quite a bit to say.  Yes, we even step on each other’s toes to say it.  Now we want to talk to you, and we’re going to where the people are.  More conferences, more webcasts, more blogs, more interactions.  We think we’re pretty smart, but our ideas really grow legs when they escape the echo chamber of the SCMC global headquarters, high atop South Meridian street in downtown Indianapolis.  We feel smarter with every interaction, every conversation and every new idea we have.  So we’re going in search of new ideas, wherever they may be. So look for us, buy us a drink or a latte, and let’s both get smarter in the process.  This year, we’re headed to new conferences like the Gartner Supply Chain conference, more trips to Orlando than we care to count, and even one as far as South Africa.  We will find new horizons, wherever they are, and we’ll get smarter in the process.

  1. We really are supply chain geeks.

We love crazy ideas.  When you get an advanced degree, those ideas change from crazy, to “research,” or at least that’s what smart people tell us.  As self-proclaimed supply chain geeks, how could we possibly keep our street cred if we didn’t?  So we’re going to do the research.  In my head, it looks a lot more like Frankenstein than Palo Alto, but hey it’s a start.  We’re going to ask questions, lots of questions.  Since SCMC was founded, we have never stopped to ask if an idea was dumb, we didn’t ask anyone if a concept would work or not, we just made it work.  Whether hard work, or dumb luck, we have had success being fearless and we’re going to continue to ask the questions, and hopefully create a few good ideas along the way.

So that’s where we’re headed.  Exciting eh?  Who knows if any of this will work, or make us any more money, but it sure sounds fun.   And if you can’t have fun and get your hands dirty doing what you love, what’s the point?  So come talk to us, ask questions with us, try new things with us.  We’ll all have fun together, and with any luck, improve our little corner of the supply chain universe.



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Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference, May 23 – 35 in Arizona

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