How to Upgrade the Planning Area Configuration in SAP IBP 1905

The 1905 release of SAP IBP has some amazing new features such as Driver-Based Planning and DDMRP (you can see Jim Kehler’s full list of favorites here). We always hope these updates come in as smoothly as possible, but sometimes things don’t always go according to plan. For instance, if you tried to activate an earlier release of the Unified Planning Area (UNIPA), as I did on the first day of the release, it’s likely that you saw this error:

*S* PL &1 and PL &2: Both cannot be used as base PL of stored key figures

Digging into this error message reveals that the problem lies within the previous SAP IBP release’s planning levels of the UNIPA. At this point, you’ll have 3 options on how to proceed forward:

  • 1. Go through all the configuration and correct the planning levels with the error, and all downstream planning levels used in calculations (proceed with caution; you will definitely open up a can of worms with this one).
  • 2. Start over with the new 1905 UNIPA and re-create any customization. This will take a long time for building and re-testing, but it would let you get the new key figures and planning levels for the Driver-Based Planning.
  • 3. Merge with the new 1905 UNIPA to update the standard configuration and maintain any customization you have built.

Merging with the sample model entity can be relatively easy under two conditions; you have the same master data prefix and the same time profile. As the chances of this are highly unlikely, SCM Connections has developed a process for updating your planning area to the most recent planning area to maintain all of your customization and receive the benefits of the updated planning area’s configuration for new features or elimination of errors. The following steps will show you how to update and avoid catastrophe:

SCM Connections Planning Area Upgrade Process

1) Make a back-up of DEV in the test tenant – This will let you have something to revert to, in case I’m an untrustworthy individual or something goes terribly wrong.

2) Ensure the test tenant has been upgraded – If the tenant isn’t updated, then please stop now.

Ensure the test tenant has been upgraded

3) Create simple copy of DEV planning area for the merge process – The copy must be active in order to continue. In the case you have the error from earlier due to the 1905 upgrade you will need to activate in limited scope to suppress the errors. This can be found in the Planning Area – Model Configuration Fiori Application.

Create simple copy of DEV planning area for the merge process

4) Replace the DEV Copy with the UNIPA – In the Sample Model Entities Fiori App, select the UNIPA and choose Replace Existing Including Dependencies. Select the DEV Copy planning area.

Replace the DEV copy with the UNIPA

5) Update Time Profile of DEV Copy to match DEV – Matching time profiles are required to perform a merge.

6) Merge DEV Copy with DEV

Merge DEV copy with DEV

7) Resolve activation errors – For 1905, a common error exists for planning levels used in the Driver-Based Planning. These planning levels lack any custom attributes, and thus need to be added to the risk and opportunity (RO abbreviation) planning levels.

8) Perform technical testing in DEV – Ensure there are no bugs in the system prior to moving onto User Acceptance testing.

9) Make an advanced copy of DEV into QA – This is now called Replace Existing Including Dependencies

Make an advanced copy of DEV into QA

10) Perform User Acceptance testing in QA – Ensure the system performs as expected by the business.

11) Make an advanced copy of QA into Pre-Production – Stage the updates for production.

12) Create a back-up copy of Pre-Production and transport changes to Production tenant via the back-up – Test transport process between tenants.

13) Back-Up data in Production – It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Back-up restores are never fun.

14) Transport changes to Production tenant

15) Verify Production transport and clean up test tenant – Once everything is working as it should, it’s time to clean up your test tenant of the back-ups and DEV copy planning areas.


And that’s it! Congratulations, you have now just upgraded your planning area to the most recent SAP Standard configuration that will be correct for errors and have the configuration for new features.


Your work here is done and these changes will be sure to make you look like the IBP wizard of your organization.

The IBP Wizard

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