Ignite Your Supply Chain with SCM Connections’ SPARK


Accordingly to the Technology Evaluation Center, what is the number one thing you can do to ensure a successful software implementation?  That’s right: Chose the right service provider.  


SCM Connections has been helping Fortune 500 companies implement SAP IBP since the software came to market five years ago.  We’ve watched IBP grow, evolve and every quarter the functionality updates have brought it further down the path to this year’s achievement of Gartner’s designation of Leaders quadrant of the Magic Quadrant for Supply Chain Planning System of Record.  While we’ve watched the evolution, we couldn’t help but think of the amazing advances and “What If?” planning SAP IBP could bring to organizations of less than $1B in revenue.  To serve the SAP “general business” market, SCM Connections is happy to announce our  rollout of IBP Spark, a best practice packed solution that removes the risks and pitfalls of IBP Implementation and will have your organization seeing the ROI of IBP in 12 weeks.  

Our SAP IBP Partner Packaged Solution ensures our customers will:

1) Implement proven best practices

2) Remove financial and operational risk from implementation, and

3) Ensure speed to ROI.  


What if you could gather up and implement the best practices from the Fortune 500 early adopters of SAP IBP?  What if you could learn from their implementations?  What if you could go live on SAP IBP without the potential disruption and risk to the business? SCM Connections’ SPARK packages do just that.  We’ve taken industry best practices, Gartner best practices and the solutions we’ve created for SAP IBP early adapters, and molded them together into a “plug and play” solution by IBP module.  Choose from the S&OP, Demand, Inventory Optimization or Supply & Response pre-built packages.  Everything you need.  Configuration, key figures, dashboards, templates and training.  Ready to go.  


With a pre-defined package price by module, SCM Connections has removed the financial risk of implementing SAP IBP.  Your budget number for project “start to finish” is now solid and guaranteed.    The scope, deliverables and data needs are predefined and clear.  Want additional capabilities?   Custom configuration to specifically address a need?  Additional training weeks for different segments or geographic locations of your supply chain?  Our a la carte menu of add on options will ensure you are able to budget accordingly.          


12 weeks to go live!  That’s right; your supply chain will be up and rolling on your chosen module of SAP IBP in 12 weeks or less.   Create “What If?” scenarios around manufacturing line maintenance or natural disaster disruptions.  Create financial scenarios to determine the impact of new tariffs.  Plan potential new products with the click of an Excel template.  Model changes to your safety stock and inventory levels.  With IBP, end to end supply chain visibility is yours with the click of a button.    


SCM Connections has taken our decades of supply chain expertise and created a best practice SAP IBP packed solution to make it as simple as possible for your team to access the analytic power of IBP.  Want to learn more about what our packaged solutions can do for your business?  Take a look at our SCM Connections YouTube channel or reach out to us at info@scmconnections.com. We would LOVE to do a live demo or hands on workshop for your team!    




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