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Hashtag Success – The Unauthorized Guide to Sapphire 2019 (3/4)

Look at you, social media all-star.


You’ve announced to your friends, family & followers that your company is here, on site, at SAPPHIRE NOW + ASUG 2019.  


You tweeted out your thoughts on the chicken parm you had for lunch on Day 1 (Worse than Maggiano’s because it was served with Rice-A-Roni, but better than Olive Garden because they used real cheese). You posted that grainy video of the keynote speaker taken from 300 ft away in the standing room only section. You “checked in” at the Orange County Convention Center on Facebook to share your EXACT location with everyone you’ve ever known, on the off-chance that Jesse, your long-lost high school crush, might be passing through the area and will want to pay you a visit…

But now that you covered all the bases, what’s next? How do you stand out from the crowded field of digital entrepreneurship at this event? What’s going to set you apart from the other 20,000+ attendees posting their own amateur Zagat reviews and silently yearning to see Jesse once again? Well, if you REALLY want to succeed with social media at Sapphire, you’ve got to think outside the box… and to think outside the box, you have to think inside the box. And I’ve got 2 words for you:


Booth. Influencer.

That’s right- you’ve probably heard of Instagram influencers who got famous for their involvement in fitness or fashion (our own Sabrina Ajanee, for one). But who’s the leading authority when it comes to the design aesthetic of your company’s annual OCCC timeshare? Who can other Sapphire attendees look to when they need a booth-blowout or a PODicure?


In this simple guide, I’ll show you how to become one of the most influential voices in conference space micro-design to ensure your place amongst the Instagram elite.


STEP 1: Arrange your Swag


As Jim Kehler notes in his strategy guide to collecting swag “you’ll want to target the smaller vendors who went overboard trying to make a lasting merch impression.” 


Even if you don’t have the premium giveaways, you can still make a lasting impression by having a neatly organized booth. Show off the goods, even if “the goods” still include portable chargers for the original Blackberry, or notebooks with a 2015 calendar built into them. Confidence is key here- believe in your swag, and others will follow.

STEP 2: Take a Booth SHELFie


Now that your space is setup, take a picture. Take 50 pictures. Take them until your phone dies. Get every angle. Take it upside down. Stand on your head. Close up. Now far away- no, that’s too far. Move in. Other people are watching. Is this weird? It’s not weird. They’re weird. You’re winning. Keep it up, winner.

STEP 3: Choose a Filter


This may sound like a simple step, but don’t be fooled. Filters are the most important part of your post- they can make or break your influencer status. Your choice of filter says a LOT about your personality as well as that of your company. Here are a few examples:


“Booth art isn’t just my job- it’s my passion, and the only way I can express my true self.”


“I guess I’ll just pick this filter because ummm… it’s got good colors. More colors, so yeah I like the color.”


“Listen up rookies- I’ve been makin’ booths since before you were incorporated. I think I know my way around a pod.”


“I’m not really sure what an Instant Gram is, but I’ll ask my grandson when he comes over later to fix the VCR.”

STEP 4: Tag and Post


#make #sure #you #put # this #symbol #in #front #of #every #single #word #on #the #off #chance #that #somebody #somewhere #doesnt #see #your #post #justinbeiber #fortnite

So that’s it! Just do this 13 or 14 times every hour, and the money will start rolling in… I think (I’m still not exactly sure how influencers earn a living, but I’d imagine it’s like Social Security for millennials). 


You’ll know you’ve hit the bigtime when SAP invites you to a sitdown chat with Bill McDermott at Sapphire 2020, and at the moment you’re on stage and all of the future booth influencers in the crowd are taking notes and hanging onto your every word, the conversation will very likely go something like this:


Bill McDermott: So, I couldn’t help but notice that you’re not Sandra Bullock. Who are you, and why are you on my stage?


You, a winner: Well, Bill McDermott CEO of SAP, I’m just a regular old conference attendee who had a dream of turning Sapphire into Sapph-FIRE!


As the crowd erupts into a cacophony of laughter and applause, you glance down into the front row only to see Jesse, your high school crush, staring up at you in admiration. What’s Jesse even doing here without a badge? Someone should call security. Ah, who cares. You’ve made it.





(and just for good measure, #AvengersEndGame)

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