How to Get the Most Out of Your Supply Chain Data With the Power of SAP Leonardo and R

Are we getting the most out of the data generated by our supply chain?  The supply chain has many data points like sales quantity, purchase orders, sales orders, inventory target, budgets, financial numbers and much more. But are we getting any value out of those data points across platforms and are we able to make intelligent decisions from them? 

Most often, the answer is no. Unfortunately, we only use partial supply chain data for business processes, which is historical sales quantity for forecasting and financial numbers to forecast revenues and guess work for the promotions. Working with SAP Leonardo and R can help remedy this.

SAP has just announced SAP Leonardo – The digital innovation system for rapid, scalable transformation at SAPPHIRENOW 2017 Orlando. At SAPPHIRENOW, there were buzz words like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Big Data, Data Analytics, etc.  At thinkSCM, we’re building proprietary intelligent Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence applications using the power of SAP Leonardo and R to solve your supply chain problems and provide valuable insights out of your data across platforms to make better decisions in advance. Below are a few of the applications that we’re building at thinkSCM:

  • Promotional Analysis. Increase revenue by getting more sales or flush out excessive inventory without taking losses on the margin. We can help you to find your sweet spot for where, when and what promotion has to be introduced.
  • Forecasting Solutions. Our proprietary algorithm applies the data that truly drives your forecast. And, we provide you with the contribution of each variable. Just like humans, only smarter!
  • New Product Introduction. We help you to identify when and where to introduce your new products.
  • EOL. Using our proprietary algorithm, you can predict what will the EOL of your products.

Visit www.thinkscm.com to learn more.

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