Insights from the SAPInsider

(By Patrick Green)

It’s at an event like the SAP Insider or Sapphire/ASUG that you realize two things:

The first thing you notice is just how big the SAP Community and ecosystem is.  The sheer number of customers, clients, consultants, vendors and other resources connected to SAP is pretty staggering – especially when everyone breaks for lunch at the same time. 

The second thing you notice is just how small the SAP community really is.

Inevitably, in every group there seems to be a familiar face or old colleague that you now have a chance to reconnect with.  As a consultant, you spend countless long hours working with a small group of colleagues for a very concentrated period of time and then go your separate ways when the project finishes.  An event like this gives everyone an opportunity to reconnect, share old stories, and explore opportunities to work together again.

 Apart from realizing just how big and at the same time small the SAP community really is, we’re keeping a list of things to do again at the next conference.

  1. Bring the big guns.  One of our partners, Claudio Gonzalez, has been presenting at these events for years.  This year, we brought along the team, including all four of our partners and one of our associate partners, Jerry Sanderson.  Business cards in a fish bowl do not a lead make: you need the team to turn prospects into leads.
  2. Invest in your booth.  We spent some time and thought through our unified design in advance, but we forgot about the impact of standing on concrete for 12 hours.  Next time, we’ll be investing in some padded carpet.
  3. Maximize your speakers.  Our partners are experts in APO and while the booth is great visibility for our company, putting our partners and their expertise in front of qualified buyers is an opportunity we won’t be missing out on next time.  At the Sapphire/ASUG conference in June, we’ll have three of our partners presenting.

Are you attending the SAP Insider event this week?  Stop by our booth and give us your insights.

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