Midpoint Check In from SAPPHIRE NOW

Another record breaking Sapphire conference is underway! The initials figures are coming in and it seems that over 30,000 people (plus thousands online) have come to sunny Orlando for the yearly SAP conference. We at SCM Connections are also seeing a significant increase in foot traffic to our booth, which we always welcome!

SAP gave their big announcement yesterday which it said was the biggest announcement in over 25 years. Of course, SAP says this every other year, so we were not holding our breath. What is it? SAP Leonardo! What does it mean? Nobody is entirely sure! We know that it is a sort of platform for all things SAP.  Others say that is nothing more than a new marketing strategy, so I think we will have to wait and see because it is not entirely clear. At least, Leonardo Da Vinci must be proud, maybe?

Anyway, the rest of the conference has gone as expected, this year’s buzz words being “machine learning,” “internet of things” and “disruption.” The big announcement for us SAP partners is that SAP want us to create solutions and introduce them to the clients through their open source and new app center site. This is something that we started doing at SCM Connections earlier in the year with our new company, thinkSCM, so this is a reinforcement that we made the right decision.

We had three IBP-related sessions this year, which as always were heavily attended with great questions, and hopefully enlightening answers. It is clear that customers are now ready to move to IBP, they want to know in what shape and form, and that’s where we at SCMC are providing the initial value. At the same time, we are creating new partnerships with companies that have a similar culture to ours and who can complement us from start to end. It has been an exciting three days thus far. Of course, one has to also attend the Sapphire nightlife which is never lacking, and a great way to network through the night.

We are now at the half way point and my feet are still in decent shape so I will call that a major win! The second half of the conference though is usually the busiest one with client meetings, sessions, demos and the all-important Thursday night concert….so we will provide another blog with an update on that which I am sure everyone is dying to read.  (In the meantime, we will continue to NOT enjoy SAP’s lunch options, hopefully someone in that department is reading this, room for improvement there for sure.)

(By Claudio Gonzalez)

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