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Planning Notes Make IBP a Single Hub for Collaboration

Keeping track of emails, voicemails, and in-person conversations can be difficult when it comes to supply chain planning. It’s easy to forget why a forecast was updated, or why a purchase order date was changed.

That’s where IBP comes into play. Planning notes in IBP allow planners to record changes, make notes, and share information within IBP, making it a single hub for collaboration. Forecast adjustments, production plan changes, and any other type of supply chain planning update can be captured within in IBP. Not only that, but planning notes make it easy to attach a note to a specific planning combination for a time bucket.

Planning Notes Work Between Time Levels and Hierarchies

A great feature of planning notes is the ability to view and save planning notes between time levels. For example, a planning note entered for a specific month automatically gets saved to the corresponding weeks (lower level) and quarters/years (higher levels). This helps planners to view planning notes at multiple levels to effectively share relevant supply chain planning information.

Planning notes also aggregate and disaggregate between hierarchies, such as product and customer hierarchies. A planning note entered for a customer channel will automatically disaggregate to the corresponding customers within that channel. The same is true for products where a planning note entered for a specific product can be viewed at a corresponding higher level, such as product family or product group.

Take a look at this walkthrough video on planning notes in SAP IBP to see it in action.

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