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Repetitive flexible scheduling and supply

Fortune 500 CPG Health & Beauty; 11B

Scheduling System did not meet changing business needs


-Planning runs constantly conflicted with previous runs, resulting in inefficient continuity.


-Existing APO scheduling solution did not support Lean principles and theories.


-Planners spent significant time reacting to problems instead of preventing scheduling issues.

Repetitive Flexible Scheduling With APO


-Design and implement a Repetitive Flexible Scheduling (RFS) solution.


-Install custom averaging heuristic to level load production over a flexible period, for plan-to-plan continuity.


-Recommend and execute a weekly background job stream to create the initial production and level load the schedule.

Proactive Planning Transformation


-Solution improves operating and manufacturing efficiency, planner efficiencies.


-15% manufacturing operations efficiency savings by providing schedule continuity.


-Weekly planning run gives schedulers a pre-scheduled, level loaded plan based on each product’s operations efficiencies and priorities.


-35% Planner Efficiency Savings; Focus on Preventative Fire Fighting.