“We’re Gonna Make it After All!” – SCM Connections goes to the Windy City

(By Claudio Gonzalez)

Earlier this month, SCM Connections had their second quarterly meeting of 2016 in Chi-town. It doesn’t get much better than Chicago in the summer. Everyone is out by the lake, barbecuing and spending time with friends. However, we at SCM Connections spent all of Friday and part of Saturday inside a dimly lit room (with a view at least) talking about how we are doing as a company and, perhaps more importantly, where we want to continue going on this exciting journey.


SCMC Hotel Meeting August 2016It is incredible to stop for a minute and think how far we have come. To put it in perspective, we are now the same size as some of our competitors, and while it took them 15 years to get there, we did it in 4. We are strong believers that if you develop a good business strategy and always have the best interests of your clients in mind, success will follow. It is also a vote of confidence when potential resources come to us for work after hearing about us and getting excited about what we are building. Thus, we spent most of the weekend identifying even more ways to grow our company both on the client side and the personnel side. We recognized that one of the most important ways to do this is to identify what we are doing well and in what areas we can improve. Hearing clients say that they see us as ‘Trusted advisors’ or ‘Strategic Partners’ is music to our ears, as that’s exactly how we want to be viewed. Of course, we also want to hear what areas we need to improve upon and we take that feedback very seriously in order to continuously adapt to fit the needs of our clients


SCMC Boat Tour August 2016The other purpose of our quarterly meetings is to give everyone the chance to meet in one place and catch up not just on business, but also on the personal events as well. This year we travelled to Chicago with our families, which brought a special level of bonding to the event. After spending the weekend with the SCMC team, our significant others now have a sympathetic ear for our passion for what we do, and how can we be such consulting geeks.  We even had a Friday night “adults only” event at the famous Second City in the Old Town neighborhood, where everyone took an evening to let loose and connect on a level outside of the workplace. I always find it incredible how these comedians can improvise on almost any topic, you would almost think that they were consultants on a previous life! (Ok that was my weak attempt at a joke). On Sunday the little ones came along for an Architectural tour of the city via the Chicago River. It is amazing how much the skyline has changed since I last lived in the city… brand new skyscrapers have been erected in record time, and we were told that at least 15 more would be constructed on the South side of Chicago alone within the next couple of years! It’s an amazing city with a lot of very interesting history, and we’re glad we got to share the occasion with the ones we love. All in all it was a great tour where our kids could interact with each other and enjoy a great summer day, and a good conclusion to our quarterly event.

Now we’re back to our daily routine, and though we’re satisfied with what SCM Connections has accomplished thus far, we’re aware that this is just the beginning on our path to continued success.

claudio and camilla

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