Reach Out and Touch Someone…

(By Mike Raftery)

Most of the time, while shouting out from the soapbox of the internet, it seems like you’re shouting out into the black abyss of the interweb.  Well, let’s start a conversation.  With so many ways to connect, SCM Connections wants to reach out and start an ol’ fashioned personal conversation.

We at SCM Connections are always ready to introduce.  So here are a few ways we’re ready to virtually extend a hand, offer a drink and say hello.

Standing Conversations

We love the internet, and since you’re reading this, so do you.  So let’s make it FB, and LinkedIn Official (is that even a thing?).  We’re starting two standing conversations that we’d love you to be a part of.

FactTuesday Think the Huffington Post has a lock on random quotes?  Think again.  Look for us to help with filling the internet with helpful tidbits.  Every Tuesday, we’ll start a conversation with interesting facts on very different levels of usefulness.  Look for helpful “did you know” facts and tidbits from us on these posts.  There’s a lot of tribal knowledge and tips and tricks we’d like to share about APO, SAP and supply chains so look for it on a regular basis; it might come in handy someday.

AskWednesday Our best and brightest partners will waste their Wednesdays on LinkedIn answering the general, the specific and the trivial questions that the internet community has to answer.  While we’re not afraid to say ‘I don’t know’, we’ll also give our honest opinions and best guesses where we can.  But more often than not, we’ll either know the answer, or know someone who knows the answer.  So if you’ve ever had a question that you’ve never had an occasion to ask, feel free and send us a question at or on our LinkedIn page. We’d love to hear from you.

Live Webcasts

Well let’s break down the barriers of formality and hear us directly.  SCM Connections hosts regular live webcasts on all kinds of topics, both technical and business related.  Our current series on SAP’s next generation planning tools, the Integrated Business Planning applications, covers the technical features and the business process integration that will make those projects successful.  So register, show up to hear our lovely voices in real time, or sleep in and review the recorded webcasts on our website at your leisure.

On-Demand Recording: Getting Started With S&OP on HANA

TBD: Supporting the Plan: How S&OP on HANA Will Help With Your Demand and Supply Balance

TBD: IBP Inventory and Safety Stock Management with HANA


If the internet or webcasts aren’t personal enough for you, then come right on up and shake our hands in person.  We’ll be in person at both SAPInsider in Las Vegas and ASUG/SAPPHIRE NOW in Orlando in the coming months.  We’ll have our own booths, and many sessions to attend as well.  Plus, what better to impress your friends than a real life SCM Connections business card to call your own?  Ask nicely and we might even give you two.


Finally, just ping us and ask us anything you’d like.  Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook to stay in touch with our latest musings and ramblings.  Some might not even be funny pictures of cats. (warning:  there will be lots of funny pictures of cats).

Cat Bread

Add us to your network and count us as one more friend.

Email:, Phone: (888) SCM-2514.

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