SAP insider 2016 – Part 2

(by Mike Raftery)

This year we can sense a change in the IBP landscape.  Here at SCM Insider 2016 (from beautiful, classy Las Vegas) the tone is markedly different on the show floor, and it’s exciting.

When IBP was released the initial reaction was fear and rejection.  Maybe even with some frustration thrown in.  That’s to be expected with a huge announcement like the change from APO to IBP, especially when so many people have built their lives and careers on that system.

Last year the tone was “show me”.  The mood was timid acceptance.  Demo’s were key, and proving that IBP was not vaporware was the need of the day. Specifically with IBP S&OP worked, people got used to the look and feel of excel, and what functionality it could offer.

This year the next step in the IBP evolution is here.  The question on the floor of SCM Insider 2016 is “lets go”.  While there are still plenty of demo’s to go around, the requests have shifted from “show me” to “take me there”.  Business cases, roadmaps and practical project planning drive most of the discussions we’ve had at the booth, and in the hallway.

It’s exciting to see the change, we’re now at the point where the rubber meets the road in terms of projects.  People are scheduling projects, allocating resources and planning for capital requests.  IBP is here, and in a big way.

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