SAPInsider, Vienna 2016: Week In Review

(By Claudio Gonzalez)

Resized_20160624_152012It was another highly successful SAPInsider event in Europe last week. This time around, the location was set in Vienna, Austria.  As one would come to expect from our friends at WISPUBS, the conference was well put together, with a wide arrange of interesting and current topics. The European version of the conference, albeit smaller than the one in the U.S., it still brings a good mix of potential customer and experts in the field.

For this year, SCM Connections presented S&OP IBP (What Went Wrong? 7 Steps to Breath New Life Into a Stalling S&OP Process) and SNP Optimizer (Master the SNP Optimizer: Real-World Strategies to Mitigate the Challenges of a Capacity-constrained Environment); both sessions were highly attended with great feedback at the end. The trend continues on IBP: it’s the buzz word of 2016! Clients are realizing that the solution is growing up and some areas are finally ready for prime time, S&OP being one of them. In prior years, the questions were around what IBP is all about.  Now as clients know more, the questions are becoming more specific about the solution and how IBP can fit their business. It has been widely accepted now that APO is not going anywhere yet, but that all investment dollars by SAP are being put into IBP. This means that clients are looking into IBP as the next technology tool that will get them to their highest level of Supply Chain excellence within their organization.

Claudio at ASUG Vienna 2016We also took the time to have strategic talks with European counterparts. Since a lot of our projects tend to be global implementations, there’s always a need to have resource availability across the globe. These talks were extremely productive and will help us have an even greater footprint in the international marketplace.

Of course, as the conference drew to an end, a weekend of fun was in the cards. I got a chance to see Austria play Iceland at the Rathausplatz jumbo screen TV for the Euro Cup, which was an incredible experience. Being from Argentina, I have a great appreciation for futbol (soccer) and it sure didn’t disappoint. The crowd was intense and the passion for the Austrian team was in the air.  Austria tried their best with a tied score of 1-1 but at the end, the Vikings proved too powerful and closed the game with a beauty of a goal to seal it 2-1.  It also just so happened that the Danube Festival was that weekend, which I later learned is the biggest free outdoor festival in all of Europe. I saw that for myself as I walked mile after mile, seeing different music stages set up along the way. The walk was made easy by great food stands and high quality Austrian beer.

In closing, we are super excited that we were able to take part at yet another SAP Insider Europe, and we are looking forward for 2017, wherever the SAPInsider teams decides it will be.

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