SCM Connections’ IBP Workshop: Thoughts and Reflections

(By Pat Green)

In the consulting world, you get used to being part of a “virtual” organization.  Conference calls, instant messaging, email, video conferencing and web meetings are the primary interactions you have with your colleagues near and far.  Often times, the only time you see your colleague’s face is on their LinkedIn, Facebook, or Tinder profile.  Although a boon for productivity, it can come at FullSizeRender (1)the expense of true interactive thought, critical debate and thoughtful deliberation.   One of the things we really value at SCM Connections is making time to meet face to face on a regular basis to share ideas, thoughts, experiences, dinner, drinks, stories and a few laughs, with our team.  We think this makes our little SAP planning world just a bit smaller and our sense of community a bit stronger.

One such event we recently held was an IBP Workshop for our growing IBP practice.  We used this as an opportunity to spend a few days learning, reviewing and sharing all things IBP.  Although we could have filled several weeks with information and topics, we focused on the following areas:

1.      IBP Unified Planning Area:  With the release of 6.1, the UPA was introduced and solved many of the issues with previous generations of IBP – specifically, the disparate planning areas for each functional area.

2.      Gaps in IBP Functionality:  Let’s face it: IBP is a work in progress, and will be for the foreseeable future.  That’s not to say that overall, it’s not ready for prime time, but if you have a very specific use case that’s not built out yet, you may need to get creative with your solution.   This was an area of lively discussion and debate, as well as the mounting of a few soap boxes.

FullSizeRender3.      SAP RDS for IBP:   Finally, a quick-start guide to IBP!   The overall consensus of our group was that the RDS provides a very good introduction to IBP and allows your project to stand up a Proof of Concept in a very short period of time.   As well, for those of us who have been working with IBP for a while, it provided a bit of insight into the mysteries of IBP.

So even though we didn’t solve any of life’s great mysteries, overall it was a very productive session for our team.   Not only did we get a chance to learn a bit more about the vagaries of IBP, we also got a chance to reconnect with the people on the other end of the conference call.

To check out our latest videos on getting started with IBP, click here.

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